What is better cold calling or emailing?

As you may already know, email involves the use of digital messages sent to a prospect’s email address. These messages can range from full-length articles to one-sentence sales pitches. Cold calling, on the other hand, involves contacting a prospect with whom you’ve had no previous contact via phone. While both strategies can drive sales for your B2B company, there are subtle differences between the two.

Preferred Method of Communication #

You’ll typically experience higher conversion rates when contacting prospects via their preferred method of communication. Statistics show that email is the most preferred method of communication, with 81% of B2B customers preferring it over phone, online contact form, live chat, face-to-face meetings and social media.

Reaching Prospects #

Just because you send a prospect an email, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he or she will open it. And if the prospect doesn’t open the message, it’s not going to translate into sales or conversions for your company

Personalized Messages #

With email, you can personalize your messages to achieve a stronger response from prospects. Statistics show that personalized B2B emails generate a 14% higher CTR and 10% higher conversion rate than generic, non-personalized emails. If you know the prospect’s name — hopefully, you know more than just his or her name — you can include it in the message.

Reaching Decision-Makers #

Cold calling still has its advantages over email, including the ability to reach the decision-makers of a prospect’s company. The recipient of a marketing email may not have the authority to make purchases on behalf of his or her company. Cold calling, on the other hand, will give the opportunity to ask the prospect to connect you to the decision-makers of his or her company.

More Than Just Text #

Cold calling also allows you to convey more than just text in your marketing messages. It’s a more genuine form of communication that allows prospects to hear your voice and tone

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