How do live chat support services work?

There are two ways around it #

Back End #

You need to put the chat channel onto your website(s). You’ll need to copy a few lines of code (provided by the chat support services vendor) and paste it into the back-end of your website.

Only by inserting the custom code will you get the chat option to appear on your site. If you want it on every page of your website (which is a recommended practice) then you’ll need to paste the code onto every page of your site.

Front end #

Putting the code on your web pages puts the chat button on your website. The best practice is to put this button in the bottom right-hand corner of your website. This is where people expect to find it. Your chat button is typically a box with a “Chat” label, but you can customise this in any number of ways. For example, you might use an icon or an image. When the visitor clicks the chat button, this causes a chat window to open up.

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